Download John Vlastelica's slides from his ERE Conference Keynote Presentation on Raising the Bar. His session laid out the pros and cons of leveraging programs like bar raisers (Amazon, Uber, Groupon), hiring committees (Google, Yahoo!), and pipeline interviewing (Facebook, Booking, and most campus recruiting programs).  
John Vlastelica, Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, co-created the Bar Raisers program at Amazon in 1999, when he was their head of tech recruiting.  After a successful corporate recruiting leadership career, he and his team have been hired to train thousands of hiring managers and interviewers at companies around the world, helping startups to global leaders like PepsiCo, Booking.com, Groupon, Target.com, Pokemon, and Starbucks put programs in place to set and keep a high hiring bar.   
Looking to Raise the Bar on Talent? 
Compare the different models companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Booking use to keep their bar high.  
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